Caer Caer Caer

Lights dim. The sounds of a metal punch and a ventilator unfold our imagination behind the curtain. Soon the stage discloses a ritualistic scene: a chair on top of a table forming an altar, black-clad Spanish choreographer Richard Mascherin powdering the centre to generate smoky air; another man in the shadows produces the sound partly sourced from …

Monument 0.10: The Living Monument

The duration of Eszter Salamon’s Monument 0.10 The Living Monument is indicated on the ticket: 2 hours. When the charcoal-black scene emerges from the darkness, I feel like somebody has slowed down my playback. I cannot measure the tempo but I know that a speed of 0.5x will double the duration. Will it turn into a crescendo?

Maija Hirvanen – Mesh

On a milky white stage four dancers lie down as if sleeping. A windy sound caresses their bodies and it seems that someone enters their dreams – otherwise why would their bodies move in a crescendo, as if electrified? 

Soa Ratsifandrihana – gr oo ve

June in Centre National de la Danse Pantin, I enter an empty stage with the audience murmuring on four sides. The intimate ambience bonds us like a family, longing for a blackout moment to travel into gr oo ve, the first creation by Soa Ratsifandrihana. 

Spring Academy 2022

You can find below the links to my feature & reviews The Spring Forward 2022 menu CHOREOMANIACS Simona DeaconescuThe movement creates a sensory dimension to the voice-over, enhancing our empathy towards those distant people. In addition, this 40-minute performance recalls our recent pandemic experience while sadly ignorant people are always present, either attributing dance to …