Spring Academy 2022

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CHOREOMANIACS Simona Deaconescu
The movement creates a sensory dimension to the voice-over, enhancing our empathy towards those distant people. In addition, this 40-minute performance recalls our recent pandemic experience while sadly ignorant people are always present, either attributing dance to hot blood or believing vaccines can make women infertile.

Deep Fake Gergő D. Farkas
Deep Fake is a parody of the increasing inauthenticity of our era and Farkas lays out a few scenes in a reserved and structured manner. Actually, what he offers is just a backstage peep into this world of absurdity.

Me, My non-Self and I Rima Pipoyan
Rima Pipoyan’s Me, My non-Self and I is an ambitious psycho-philosophical game balancing dramaturgical fiction and abstract thinking.

Pas de deux Cie AMA / Anna-Marija Adomaityte
What if you watch this tour de deux repeating for half an hour? Basically yes, but… the movement (a couple of unexpected jumps for example) also deviates round by round and the trance music’s crescendo engages the audience as much as this repetitive and machinelike movement.

Study 4, Fandango and Other Cadences Aina Alegre
We feel the joy as dance is returned to the people, we feel the joy as a folklore dance can be inclusive, we feel the joy as dance brings a poetic touch to this world of uncertainty.

The Very Last Northern White Rhino Gaston Core
When back to reality, he loses his confidence, running anxiously as if in a cage: is that just him, or could it be any one of us, stuck as if in a box-like city?

Warping Soul Andreas Hannes
They are somewhat new creatures cocooning in a forest. Slowly, they stand up and start walking, in a robotic manner.

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