Thr(o)ugh by Damien Jalet

Dark space. Flashing lights. I can only see one tunnel, mysterious and futuristic. Suddenly, a montage cuts the long take shot: here and there, humans appear and disappear. In those sequences of running and falling, I feel the panic; it must be something severe. Everyone holds the last hope and human solidarity makes the situation slightly less devastating. Hand in hand, they find each other while the world turns anticlockwise…

Brighter setting. Big waves roll toward the audience who cannot go anywhere. Up and down, drowning individuals appear and disappear. I feel powerless when solidarity is a rare coincidence. Will a slight human contact sustain the waking soul for another minute? What for?

Inside the tunnel. Or under the sea with distant light from above. I am alone, I am multiple. The surroundings slow down, my emotions protect me like cushions. Sadness, terror, anxiety…that Nina Simone can better sing. I am stuck in time, till?

It takes time to go thr(o)ugh these unstoppable tunnels, one after another.

Bâtiment des Forces Motrices (April 22nd, 2023)

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