Dancers from Asia (1) – ​Shihya Peng from Taiwan

来自亚洲的舞者(1) – 来自台湾的彭诗雅

Paris. Good News Coffee Shop. I didn’t know this place though it is a good sign for my first interview with « Dancers from Asia (Good news, right?) ». When Shihya told me that she lived in the 16th district, I picked this café on the map, in the middle of her district and mine. It was the last Saturday of April, or another #yellowjacketday.

巴黎。好消息咖啡馆。我没来过这里,尽管这对于我的“来自亚洲的舞者”系列的第一个访问是个好兆头( 这是个好消息,同意?)。当诗雅告诉我她住十六区,我在地图上选了这家咖啡馆,位于她的区和我的区中间。这是四月的最后一个周六,或者说又一个#黄马甲日。

I first saw Shihya in DFS but We Are Monchichi deserves better the title of her signature work which sketches a bright and clear silhouette of this dancer coming from Taiwan. When she was still a little girl, according to her, she was mischievous. It was just her desire of exploring the world outside, I would say. That’s why she had so many extra-curriculum activities. When her mother asked her to keep only one activity, she picked dance. A sort of turning point. Ever since, she hasn’t stopped dancing. She learned different types of dances in a private dance association. It was more than a hobby: she had to commute so as to continue dance classes along with her studies. And finally she entered the dance department of University of Taipei.

第一次看诗雅演出是《DFS》,但是《We Are Monchichi》更适合称为她的代表作,鲜明地勾勒出这位台湾舞者的形象。她说她小时候很调皮。在我看来,那不过是她探索外面世界的欲望使然。这也解释了为什么她参加各种课外活动。当妈妈要求她只能保留一项活动时,她选择了舞蹈。这成为了她的人生转折点。从此,她从未停止跳舞过。在舞蹈社,她学习了不同类别的舞蹈。这已经不再只是个人爱好,因为为了上舞蹈课,她必须花很多时间在通勤上。终于,她考取了台北市立大学的舞蹈系。

I never saw the original version of Monchichi by Ramirez Wang but strongly feel that Shihya delivers her own interpretation, both in dance and in personality. In dance, her excellent dance technique broadens the landscape of Hip Hop. In personality, she breaks the clichés about Asian women with her independence, directness and humour. W.A.M. succeeds in creating sparkles between evolving image of Asians and the statu quo of Europeans. We are still different, but differently different.

虽然我从未看过Ramirez Wang的原作《Monchichi》但是我强烈感觉到诗雅完成了一次非常个人化的舞蹈和个性表达。就舞蹈而言,她出色的舞技拓宽了原作的街舞风格。她独立,直接和幽默的个性也不同于以往对亚洲女性的既定形象。《W.A.M.》成功地激起了逐渐转变的亚洲人和一入既往的欧洲人之间的火花。我们依旧“不同”,只是不同于以往的“不同”。

Her first connection with Europe? A two-month exchange program in Caen, France. She couldn’t speak French at that time and didn’t have opportunity to watch any dance performance. Now she is an expert. When you look at her dance experiences, you will be impressed by the number of choreographers that she worked with. She faces the same reality as any « intermittent » in France, meaning chasing all kinds of working opportunities. At the same time, it is partially her choice of working with different companies. This resonates with her desire of exploring the world outside at early age. The most inspiring experiences so far? W.A.M. and DFS. François Chaignaud and Cecilia Bengolea revealed to her the Jamaicain dancehall and the polyphonic singing. With Hongji, she perfects technique as well as enhances control consciousness.

她与欧洲的第一次亲密接触是大学时期到法国卡昂进行两个月的交换。她当时不能说法语,也没有机会观看任何舞蹈演出。现在的她已经轻车熟路。看她的舞蹈经历,你会惊叹于她合作过的编舞家的数量。诚然,在法国,作为拿“演出临时合同”的一员,她要面对现实,必须抓住一切工作机会。同时,从某种意义上来说,与不同舞蹈公司合作也是她的个人选择。这又呼应了她早年探索外面世界的欲望。到目前为止,《W.A.M.》和《DFS》是最激励人心的合作。François Chaignaud 和 Cecilia Bengolea带她感受牙买加的街头dancehall,也带她学习多声部人声合唱。和Honji合作,她提升了舞蹈技巧和自我意识控制的能力。

What’s next? Dance of course. The next choreographer has been identified: Eric Minh Cuong Castaing for reprise of School of Moon. She also plans to create. She already did a few and you can find a video here.

接下来,诗雅当然还是会继续跳舞,下一个合作的编舞家已经确定,是Eric Minh Cuong Castaing,主要是重排《School of Moon》。她也打算自己编舞。之前她已经有尝试过,你可以看这里

I asked my routine question about integration for Dancers from Asia. Unsurprisingly, Shihya, doesn’t have issues with living in a western culture. I feel that we are the same kind of unconventional Asians. I confirmed her when she asked me back the same question. It was almost 5pm and we quit the coffee shop heading to the metro station. On the road, I asked her two things for this article: her selfie and her favorite places in Paris. And here’s what I got: Shihya on the road!


Shihya’s favorite places in Paris: 诗雅在巴黎最喜欢的去处是
– Centre Pompidou 蓬皮杜中心
– Opéra de Paris 巴黎歌剧院
– Seine riverbanks 塞纳河畔

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