Some songs, some dances, some noises. That’s how Colin Dunne presented Session and the same sincerity remarked the whole journey till the final a cappella.

Two dancers, two musicians. In 90 minutes they were more than their written role thanks to the smart use of their versatility. Take the table scene as example: everyone was dancing, a choreography of six hands and two feet; everyone was also percussionist if you just listened.

In addition to his acclaimed body movement, what passions me with Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui’s works is his incessant curiosity which leads him to all types of collaborations. As he said, pleasure is born from collaboration. Indeed Session has this surprise effect and this is largely attributed to Colin, according to Larbi. I did watch the DVD of Riverdance before coming to France and probably Colin was in it. But defining Colin by Riverdance is not fair and that’s probably why he avoids talking about it.

During the creation process, Colin insisted on bringing the stage back to essentials trimming down all the unnecessary elements. Such mindset leaves for the audience a much larger space of imagination compared to certain Larbi’s previous works. Labri referred the psychotherary scene to midlife crisis as both Colin and himself happen to fall into this age group. However, the final output (without a single word) is self-explanatory without limiting it to his inspiration, at least for me.

If Play is joyful, Session is playful. Colin’s swinging leg brings me to the Irish coastlines; Larbi’s funny interaction with theremin reminds me of the undergoing human-machine relationship problems. When Larbi drags the carpet with Colin dancing on it, the Irish traditional stepdance finds its contemporary situation. Their passion for polyphony becomes a moment of unity and serves for transition. It is sort of a quartet’s jam session unleashing the freedom out of their impeccable techniques.

There is one question repeating at the end: What is the noise in your mind? When I left the TNB, more questions came into my mind: When we are busy with daily life, can we still hear the noise? If we can hear it, will we follow it?

Applause for Session at TNB Rennes

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