A Love Supreme

Last year, I reserved A Love Supreme at 104. Unfortunately, I could not go and offered the ticket to a friend. He accepted it with pleasure though he was quite disappointed with the last few works from Ana Teresa Keersmaeker. The day after the show, I received an email from him. He was sincerely happy with this piece.

A Love Supreme is the first dance in my 2018 agenda. I have to say: it was a breathtaking moment. If someone asks me what is jazz, I will ask him/her to watch this piece. Liberty with precision.

A silent debut. A prologue of four. They lean and bounce, give and receive. I don’t know many Keersmaeker’s pieces but this is not a déjà-vu. After the show, some spectators really criticise the silence while I find it indispensable. Keersmaeker and Sanchis give us a moment to « learn » the movement before the music arrives. It’s like when you run on a treadmill. You start slowly to get ready for acceleration.

When the music starts, I feel already living in dancers’ body and immediately synchronise my mind with the quartet. Back to the definition of jazz. Improvisation is always associated with jazz but improvisation does not mean absolute freedom. Same for dancers. Once they master all the patterns, the improvisation becomes intended and precise. At some moment I would like to applaud like we usually do during a jazz live. But I didn’t dare to.

The last part, I call it epilogue, is a mirror of the prologue. My eyes started to double explose both, like a 360° view. This piece is so distinguished than others I’ve known of her so far. In addition to Rosas’ typical language, the movement has a tangible elasticity. Keersmaeker is warmer than ever. However, I cannot tell wether it comes from Sanchis.

I also like a detail in the costume: creases of pants. I compare them to the head of John Coltrane’s music. These creases stay always straight even when dancers are in horizontal position. It could also be an interpretation of gravity.

Keersmaeker already made a live version of Drumming. I would expect to see A Love Supreme Live one day. Possible?

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